Thursday, May 19, 2016

Racism newspapes socialism hate

This days there populer news going around all the country about JVP leeder. This  news about JVP leeder go to Iyarland in past day. The news make and propergasion do by " Divaina " newspaper. We all Know Divaina paper very racism printing meedia. Therefore Divaina have lots problems with socialism political partys. Why that Divaina very intrest to fallow socialism politisions. Divaina no problems have with sinhala buddist racism parts in the country. But this sinhala buddist extreme people do the all destroy things to country. Divaina no talk about this anything. Some times this cacism sinhala buddist peoples things is good top news to Divaina paper. Acthualy meedia support Sinhala Buddist extreme parts also hate socialism part political works. Why that Divaina fallow bihind JVP leeder Anura Kumara Disanayaka.
                             JVP is socialism political party. There lots of brain people in JVP. All they good people and they no racism. Divaina like newspapers no like to see even socialism people. Reeson to fallow behind Anura kumara in Iyarland trip is this. Actchualy Anura Kumara go privet trip to Iyarland. Who pain have about this? All people have privet lifes their. JVP leeder Anura Kumara have also privet life his own. His Iyerland trip also privet thing his life. No there any matter. Some meedia tell Anura Kumara go to meat his old wife. What we then do, that no relavant to other people. Anura Kumara go his privat trip and its privet life his. Why we take pain about Anura Kumaras trip and his old wife? Divina look for intrest gosip about JVP leeder. Thats Divaina tradision.
                               Divaina and JVP against people set priviyes plan to fallow Anura Kumara in Iyarland trip. I think this how JVP against gosip people make news with Divaina paper. How ever brain people no bileeve Divaina no imported gosips. No racism good people all know Anura Kumara good man. Anura Kumara acthualy brain man. He can talk any topic with lojick. Divaina cant go dibat with Anura Kumara. The Anura Kumara do good work to drive Mahinda away and take power to Mithripala president. That very imported thing he do reeson. All brain people know it how valiubal. There fore Divaina what tell people no cear. They raspect Anura Kumara. Because people have brains in the head.


  1. I no like divayina....yu no like divayina same same
    I no like mahinda.....yu no like mahinda same same
    I no like fayitin....yu no like fayitin same same
    I no like korapsun .....yu no like korapsun same same
    my thinkin you thinkin same same !!!

    one day yu pasidant....I payi ministar ok.

    1. He he he. Btw, what the hec is 'payi' minister.

    2. Ano machan...that is how I spell Prime minister...

    3. Oh wow. I thought (in Ratathota's engrish) that you were trying to take pain of ministers' p...s.

    4. No payi minister that is prai minister carrect.

  2. yu weri politik. yu shud go faaalimant. vee need nolejabal peepal layik yu