Monday, November 14, 2016

Sad thing intenational happan - ජාත්‍යන්තරයේ සිදුවූ කනගාටුදායක සිද්ධිය

Resent past Novamber 8 very sad thing happan Amarica. That is president election Amarica happan and Donald Trump come to prasidant. We all hope Hilary Clintan win and come to Amarica prasidant. But all hopes destoye and Donald Trump come to prasidant. This thing very sad thing happan resant history. Donald Trump very very rude extremism man. Like our great prasidant Mithri think Donald Trump not good man also. Our cuntry best English teacher Parakum sir also think Hilary come to president. But Amarica people go fool and take extreme mad Donald Trump to prasidant. All good people support Hilary Clintan. Hilary Mumy the popular address to Hilary Clintan people. Why that she is mother. She is mother to all world people if she win. But very unfotunate Hilary mumy difete. If Hilary Clintan win she definetly suport our grate prasidant Mithri garment too. Donald Trump very extreme and very angry with Muslim people in the world. This no good. Prasidant mad Donald Trump very eqal to Mahinda theef past prasident. Hilary mumy difete election is the very big sad news today we hear. Any way we congadulation to Hilary mumy. I like to apalogice my frend blogers to I not write this days long time too.